Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions will apply between you and ADS, Archery Direct Supply when you purchase an item from www.archery.direct. These terms do not affect your rights under applicable statutes.

You warrant that all details you furnish to ADS, Archery Direct Supply  to order or purchase goods are true, correct, current and complete in all regards; that the credit or debit card that you are using is yours; and that your account contains sufficient funds for payment of the item or items ordered.

You agree that ADS, Archery Direct Supply can use e-mail in order to communicate with you.

Archery.direct reserves the right to choose not to trade with any person or organization.

Furthermore and not withstanding any other provisions contained herein, ADS, Archery Direct Supply may choose not to accept any order. Should ADS, Archery Direct Supply choose not to accept an order for which it has received payment, Archery.direct will refund such payment in full, less any banking charges.

To order, you must enter a valid e-mail address as your user name and select a password. You will be responsible for all actions taken under that user name and password, and you must only purchase from ADS, Archery Direct Supply under that user name and password. You must try in every way possible to keep your password safe, and you should not reveal it to anyone. Should your password be compromised, you must notify Archery.direct at once. You must not sell or otherwise transfer your user name, either directly or indirectly, to anyone, nor allow anyone, either directly or indirectly, to use your password or user name. Should there be any change in details you have provided to ADS, Archery Direct Supply, you are responsible for notifying us thereof as soon as possible. Use of a false name, or of a credit card known to be invalid when ordering, subjects the user to criminal liability. ADS, Archery Direct Supply reserves the right to terminate it agreement with you and to suspend or terminate your access to our site at once and without notice to you if:

You do not make payment when payment is due.
You breach one or more of the terms / conditions of our agreement.
You do not within a reasonable time after we request it, give us adequate information for us to ascertain your identity, or the validity and correctness of any information you have provided.
We believe you may have engaged, or be about to engage or be involved in any way, in activity which is illegal or fraudulent with repect to ADS, Archery Direct Supply.