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• Bow Length : 66"", 68", 70"
• Draw Weight : 28#, 48#

Shooting with K3 limbs you will reel the backing that only years of KAYA’s experienced bow builders can provide you. The limbs also comes with the RD carbon and graphite foam. You get excellence perfomancee from this value packed set of limbs. K3 Professional
limbs were created combining invalueable archery experience and special advanced technology. As a result we achieved a new, fine product that can take you, to any level your practice time will help you attain.

Special RD carbon from the K3 professional limbs into good results K3 Professional llmbs offer you functionality KAYA’s products have become increasingly popular over the years. Not just become of the extensiveness of our range, but because these look good and provide an excellent value. If you have not experienced a KAYA product, then you really should. you’ll be glad you did.
and will soon be telling all of your friends.

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