KAYA K3 Riser Matt

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• Length : 25"
• Weight : 1190 g/2.6 lbs
• Type : RH/LH
• Color : Black


By helping to make archery bows lightweight-heavy impact, Rigidily-strength, Vibration Control-Stiffness and Durable-Impact Resistance, carbon fiber technology is the key to staking out a competiitive edge in professional archery bow manufactuaring.

1. Lightweight-Heavy Impact

Lightweight materials and design have always been an important topic in archery products.
Carbon fiber is currently the most discussed lightweight material due to its potential for weight reduction in certain applications

2. Rigidity-Strength

Carbon fiber is heralded for its strength, its rigidity and its ability to be cast in shapes that would be virtualy impossible with other materials. Carbon fiber is now commonly used in KAYA Archery's high quality products.

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